“Jessica’s lessons will enrich the rest of my life. She combines an extensive knowledge of vocal health and techniques with her intuitive talent for teaching and performing. She always made me feel understood and cared for, and she challenged my mind and voice every week. She instilled in me a clearer command of breathing, postural alignment, performance habits, neck tension, character choices and vocal repertoire. Whether you are just beginning to develop your singing voice, or if you count yourself a professional, Jessica has the musical instincts and communication skills to help you sound – and feel – much better.” – Holly, Student

“We are glad our daughter has studied with Jessica Kenlan. During the past decade we have had many questions about how to best support our daughter’s growing passion for vocal performance. Jess has proven to be a trusted advisor, as well as a gifted and effective teacher. We can attest to her poise and grace both on and off stage, in competition and in her studio. We highly recommend her to other families.” – Karen and Roger, Parents

“Studying with Jessica for the past three years, I have benefitted immensely from her endless knowledge and enthusiasm for voice. Through her commitment as an educator she has pushed my voice to new levels and supported me in my personal goals as a musician. In being both open to my ideas and having a carefully curated plan for my studies, she’s been a perfect fit for me as I pursue classical voice at a pre-college level and I feel more than adequately prepared to head off to my college music program!” – Genevieve, Student

“Our daughter studied voice with Jessica for the past three years and now plans to be a music major in college. Jessica was a skilled teacher, working with her on both vocal technique and music theory, as well as successfully coaching her through auditions and competitions. We feel lucky to have had Jessica as part of her music education!” – Caitlin and Doug, Parents

“My daughter had the privilege of having Jessica as a voice teacher in school from grades 6-12 and she studied privately with her for three and a half years during that time.  Jessica helped my daughter develop confidence in her musical skills as well as in herself as a person.  Jessica has a beautiful voice but more importantly she is a highly skilled teacher.   I think the biggest compliment that can be paid to Jessica is that my daughter is now in college studying to be a music educator herself.  As a parent, I am thankful that my daughter had the opportunity to learn from Jessica.” – Andrea, Parent

“I have been working with Jessica Kenlan for seven years now, in chorus class in addition to the private lessons. Not only has Jess been a great role model and a considerate and excellent mentor to me, but she has taught me how to use my voice and gain an understanding of a wide variety of musical genres and techniques. I would recommend Jess as a teacher to anyone!” – Emma, Student

“Jessica gave our daughter the kind of one-on-one attention that she really benefited from. To sing to her capability instead of to the needs of a chorus helped her grow in confidence and ability. She was well prepared for All-State auditions. But even better than that, she always came home singing. I credit Jessica with rooting her firmly in the singing skills that bring such joy to her life.” – Libby, Parent

“I take voice lessons with Jessica because it is a very personal experience. I had always sung in children’s choirs and Jessica helped me branch out from this style of singing. Voice lessons were a good way for me to improve my musical capability in a productive and engaging way.” – Maya, Student

“All three of my children have taken lessons from Jessica.  They all improved immensely by her individual instruction and also branched out into different styles of music.  I remember my son came home from college one year and heard his sister who had been taking lessons all year from Jessica. He was impressed at how much she had improved and the skills that she had learned.  Sometimes when my girls would be super busy with their lives and they had a voice lesson, they would be stressed about going to the lesson.  When I picked them up from the lesson however, they were smiling, singing and very happy they had gone!  Music has always been a huge part of my children’s life.  It was so great to have Jessica give them the tools they need and the confidence to continue with their singing throughout their lives! My two older children have continued with music in college and it is very important to them.  Jessica has a great way of making singing fun and giving her students the desire to continue to improve their skills.   We are blessed to have such a wonderful teacher in our community.” – Michelle, Parent

“For several years in high school, I took voice lessons with Jessica. I was a choral singer by training and by five or six years of practice, but I hadn’t ever had individual attention paid to my voice and to independent technique, which is really valuable for anyone who uses their voice all the time, as I did. I had also never even really thought about independent performance before, and going into lessons, I didn’t have much of an idea of what I wanted to gain. Jess made that part easy: she suggested pieces for us to work on, taught me about emotion and performance quality, and spent a lot of time teaching me how to sing in a healthy, sustainable, and more powerful way — breathing, posture, and (what was important to me, as a soprano) expanding my range. I was better prepared for District and All-State competitions because of my lessons, and now I sing in the Concert Choir and direct an a cappella group in college! It was so important to me to feel comfortable and engaged, and the individual attention and instruction from Jess made me look forward to every lesson!” – Josephine, Student